{Frankie Makes Her Debut}

I took a break from frames because I went to Texas to visit family for two weeks & then came home to a stomach virus.  It was not fun as it hit my husband first, then Landry & then myself!  We were all pretty pitiful for a week.  We are feeling much now & so we've been back to cutting frames.  I have several that have been ordered & I'm working like crazy to get them done.  

One of my favorites is Frankie! 

 She's a bit modern with a sassy flare.  
And no matter the color combo she's amazing! 

This one is painted in AS Chalk Paint (TM) Louis Blue, Pure White with trim done in Old Ochre. 
 It can be done in any color & we can match fabric colors as well.  

I hope y'all love Frankie as much as we do!

We will be expanding our business soon to refurbished furniture as painting furniture has always been a love of mine.  Tomorrow we are meeting a wonderful couple about renting a shop space in a town not too far from us.  It's a big undertaking but we truly feel like God has put this opportunity in front of us for a reason!

We hope everyone had a great weekend!
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