{Dresser Before & After}

I bought this piece several weeks ago at one of my favorite places.  I knew when I saw it that it had great potential despite the horrible stencil job & hideous colors & bad antiquing job.  It was a steal so I snatched it up quick & brought it home.

It's the perfect size for a small bedroom or beside a couch.  The drawers are pretty deep so this piece offers a great amount of storage.

I knew what I wanted to do immediately with this piece.  I found my inspiration from this piece done by Miss Mustard Seed.

This has always been one of my absolute favorite pieces of hers!  

I wanted to do something similar but not as distressed.  My distressing confidence is a tad bit low & honestly I was just too scared to try this much distressing.  

I started by painting the base in ASCP Aubusson Blue.  It is one of my favorite ASCP colors.  It's a beautiful shade of blue.  

After two coats of Aubusson Blue I painted two coats of ASCP Old White.  I wanted the blue to come through the white when I distressed the piece.

You can see here how subtle the distressing is.  It's so pretty how the blue peeks through the white.  
I painted the drawers in the Aubusson Blue.  I didn't distress the drawers at all.  I preferred it that way & for no particular reason.  

The hardware dated the piece so I changed it out with some beautiful glass hardware.  The bad part I totally forgot to take a picture once I finished the piece.  

Here's a picture that the shop owner took of my booth.  You can see the finished piece in all it's glory along with some other pieces I just finished.  She really turned out beautiful & she will make a beautiful addition to any home.  If she isn't bought soon she might be coming back home with me!

We've been busy filling our booth after being wiped out during the holidays.  I have several more pieces to take & a slew of frames.  My goal is to have the entire back wall of our booth in frames.  It needs something & I think the frames will be the perfect touch! 

Please bare with me as I try to organize this blog a little better with regular posts, better before & after pics & several giveaways.  

I have neglected this blog for a variety of reasons & none of which are truly good.  
Thanks for being patient and for following along!

Happy Thursday!