I never knew how important monograms were until I moved to North Carolina 9 years ago.  Monograms is a southern thing.
A must thing if you live in the South. 

I started doing monogram frames a few months ago.  
They've sold like crazy.

I really love how they turn out.  
There's something really pretty & classy about a monogram. 

Here's an example of the single letter monogram. 

This frame was a special order for a family Christmas photo.  
I love the ASCP Antibes Green up against the red chevron.

The 3 letter monogram is probably my absolute favorite!

I love the look of a monogram.

I've been working on several monogram frames lately!

 I love creating beautiful pieces for our customers!  
I will be taking a break from making frames soon so that I can focus on the wholesale side of our business.  We've had tons of inquiries about wholesale & it's something we offer but want to perfect.

If you would like to order a custom monogram frame please check out our Etsy shop for more information on ordering!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Love what you're doing with these frames now, Jess! You're amazing!