{We've Moved In}

Ever since I started this business it was always a dream of mine to have my own shop. 
 I knew it was a big dream.  
I mean the overhead of owning or renting a space is huge but I was up to the challenge.
Or so I thought.
After looking at several buildings & hearing about rent, utilities, etc. I decided to start I needed to go a different route.  

So I started searching for a different route.  
A lot of the blogs I read are ladies who rent booth spaces & I knew that was the route I needed to go.
It was perfect for a beginner like myself.  
I could do what I love while staying at home with Landry.

So today I made the leap. 
I took a risk on ME.

I started moving stuff into my booth at The Shops at 123 Hay Street in downtown Fayetteville.
I am so excited.  Like a kid on Christmas morning. 
We moved the big stuff in today {thanks to my amazing husband} & on Thursday I will move all the little things in. 

I hope that every thing works out & my stuff sales. 
I'm nervous that I will fail but that fear is what motivates me too.

Here are a few shots I took today with my phone. 
Once everything is set up I will take more pictures with the camera. 

And just a Instagram picture of our tags!  I LOVE them! 
 My dear friend over at Restoration House Interiors hooked me up with Paper Monkey Press.

Amazing products and amazing customer service! 

I will check back in later this week with some more updates on the booth space.  
I will be getting ready for our Holiday Open House the 16th-17th.  
Lots of exciting stuff going on at RIC Interiors!

If you aren't following us on Instagram please do for sneak peeks!

Happy Tuesday!

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